The Falls that Built a Village

How a Creek Developed a Community

This 2.6 square mile village is a scenic destination for many, and home to about 2,700. Zebulon Norton, who saw the creek as an economic opportunity, founded Honeoye Falls in 1791. He built two mills—one for grain and another for lumber. Hiram Finch built a second gristmill in 1827. Called “Lower Mill” to distinguish it from the grain mill Norton had built further upstream, it has changed hands many times but is still standing today.

The Lower Mill is now home to nearly a dozen different businesses, and the falls continue to drive economics in the village.

Honeoye Falls is a place to stop and shop, or enjoy fine local dining. Don’t forget there are many businesses spread throughout the community, like Lavender Moon, which has natural, herbal remedies, edibles, skincare and more.

As is often the case in villages, Honeoye Falls is a place where you can take a moment to enjoy life and the people around you. Less than 30 minutes away from the heart of Rochester, this is an excellent place to call home if you’re looking for a slower pace but still want easy access to a plethora of different options for work, entertainment, or shopping.

Life-Long Learners

Kids and Adults Alike Have a Place to Grow

Any children attending public school from the village are likely students at Honeoye Falls-Lima School District. Interestingly enough, students from nine different towns (Mendon, Henrietta, Rush, Avon, Lima, Livonia, Victor, West Bloomfield and Richmond) in three counties are enrolled in school here. The district is expansive, covering 74 square miles.

In other words, just because the village is small doesn’t mean local students won’t have many opportunities available to them!

The emphasis on learning translates. In 2015, 31% of the graduating class received a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, and 44% received the same with honors as well. Students are also encouraged to join any of the after school clubs and activities, which are available beginning in elementary school.

The other local school is a private one, located in Lima. There, students could attend Lima Christian School, available for students from grades K-12.

Even if you don’t have children, you can still learn a lot locally. There are a variety of classes offered at local businesses and posted on the school district website.

This charming village offers residents the opportunity to continue growing and learning no matter what their age!