Come home to a small town

A place where everyday life feels like a getaway retreat

Naples welcomes everyone with its colorful main street shops and abundance of small town (and village) appeal. It’s easy to visit this place and imagine yourself joining the charming lifestyle.

The streets are lined with sweet local shops, like Artizanns, and filled with the work of incredibly talented resident artists. It isn’t hard to find something to eat, whether you’re looking for a delicious café-style breakfast or a romantic dinner.

The town is also popular with tourists who want to take a weekend to appreciate the pretty scenery and atmosphere. Hiking trails at Grimes Glen, High Tor and more are a perfect way to spend an afternoon. If you’re looking to spend a night away from home you can check into a bed and breakfast like Another World B&B or stay somewhere more traditional, like the Naples Historic Hotel. There are a number of getaway spots that can instantly make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Naples isn’t a place for urban socialites or a high power executive—unless they’re looking for a place where they can take a break from fast-paced life and enjoy a community of people who can greet each other by name at the supermarket. This small town and village is a wonderful place to call home.

It's all in the hills

Grapes and views, the hills made it happen

Naples is tucked into the hilly land at the south end of Canandaigua Lake. The uneven terrain kept the rate of settlement in the area low when it was first established in 1789. Today, those hills have turned into an amazing economic opportunity for residents: Grapes.

First planted back in the 1860s, grapes have become synonymous with Naples. The plants live anywhere from 50 to 100 years—it’s a long-term investment for local farmers! In 1961, residents decided to celebrate the grape harvest with food, music, arts and entertainment. Since then, the Naples Grape Festival has been held every year, drawing thousands of visitors from all over the region every September. It’s a fantastic time for any artist or musician that decides to participate.

The abundance of grapes has made it possible for wineries to operate right in town using locally grown fruit. Inspire Moore Winery and Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars, two of the resident wineries, offer tastings on-site and host events regularly.

The grape business extends to desserts too! Anyone with a sweet tooth will delight in visiting Monica’s Pies, which sells pies, jams, jellies, gifts and more.

Grapes have turned a hilly settlement into a thriving town chock full of talented artists and entrepreneurs.

Community is everything

A place where everyone is connected

In this place, people know each other by name. And with a total population between the village and town of about 3,500, it’s no surprise! 698 of the residents are students at Naples Central School District. The average age of residents is 37.4 years old though, so there’s a good chance you can find plenty of people your own age to befriend.

Despite the smaller class sizes, the school is dedicated to making sure their students receive a first class education. Students have the chance to take a number of Advanced Placement classes and can complete any of 14 courses offered for college credit through Finger Lakes Community College.

When the kids aren’t in school, you might see families attending any of the community events taking place around town. Residents regularly come together when a family is in need, helping out however the situation calls for it. There are eight local churches in the village and town, helping to further connect residents.

From April to November, you can meet up with friends at Joseph’s Market, one of the largest open-air markets in the Finger Lakes. Their Maple Bacon Donut is out of this world!

Naples’ sense of community is truly special, and well worth joining.