A Peaceful Town

Idyllic farmlands and neighborhoods grace the area

Mendon, New York has some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. Anyone who loves rolling hills and picturesque horse farms will feel right at home! Fun fact: The hills are actually the highest in Monroe County, having an elevation of 1028 feet above sea level.

For the first eight years of its existence, Mendon was part of Ontario County. Annexed by Monroe County when the county was created in 1821, the town is less than 25 minutes away from the City of Rochester. Just 25 minutes in the opposite direction is Canandaigua Lake. A quiet, beautiful place made up of mostly suburban homes and horse farms, town residents have easy access to city adventures, a day at the beach, or any of the nearby festivals. There’s even an amazing golf course right in town for avid golfers.

The current population is just over 9,200, with about a quarter of the residents being less than 18 years old. Most of the town’s students attend Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District. The northernmost parts of town’s students attend Pittsford Central School District.

Town residents have the best of both worlds: a relaxing place to call home and access to all sorts of excitement just a short drive away.

Animal Lover Heaven

Wild or Domesticated, Creatures Abound

As the landscape suggests, Mendon is an area where many residents are dedicated to protecting and enjoying animals.

The town is home to the largest park in Monroe County—2,500 aces of woodlands, ponds, wetlands and hills. Mendon Ponds Park is exceptionally versatile. Visitors are welcome to bike, hike, bring a horse for a trail ride, kayak or canoe, fish, cross-country ski and more. Bird lovers will get a kick out of visiting the park in the winter. Bring some birdseed and the birds will literally eat out of your hand!

Also a delight to bird enthusiasts is Wild Wings, located on the edge of the park. Wild Wings was started in 1995 in order to give injured or domesticated birds of prey that cannot be released back into the wild a place to live. The educational facility is home to 29 birds of prey, including everything from hawks to owls, and Tara the bobcat.

Those looking for something a little less wild but just as fun should check out one of the many stables in the area. Places like Castle Creek and Meadows of Mendon Stables offer lessons to people of all skill levels and interests.

Whatever your passion is for nature or animals, you’re sure to find something you will enjoy right in town.

Preserving History

History lives on in Mendon

The town is home to 10 cobblestone houses, a sizeable number when you consider that only about 900 cobblestone buildings were constructed in Western New York during the four-decade fad.

Three-quarters of the nations’ cobblestone buildings are located in Western New York, with a handful scattered in Wisconsin. The buildings were constructed by masons looking for a new way to apply their skills after the Erie Canal was finished in 1825. The masons used stones that farmers wanted removed from their fields, likely left there by the glaciers as they receded.

The still-standing buildings are: Benjamin Adsit Inn & Toll Station, Jeremiah Stewart House, Mason Cole House, Milton Sheldon House, Mendon Academy, Charles Foote House, Sibleyville School, Roswell Whitcomb House, Luther Gates House, and Frederick Hubbell House.

Another building of historic significance is the Cottage Hotel. Likely built in 1822, the hotel, originally a stagecoach stop, is almost 200 years old. The Scott family purchased the Cottage Hotel when it was a tavern in 2005. They’ve worked tirelessly to restore and re-imagine it to a welcoming, family-friendly restaurant.

These aren’t the only old buildings in town—there are plenty of stunning, old homes ready for new owners to restore or just enjoy living in them!