The little village that could

This once-small port has grown into a lovely village

Known as the “Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal”, Fairport is a village located in the town of Perinton. The village itself is only 1.6 square miles, but is home to more than 5,300 people.

Fairport is very much a suburban area, filled with neighborhoods and families. It’s an ideal home if you prefer to live in a community that feels very safe and want easy access to all sorts of family-oriented activities.

As a fun fact, the village is filled with highly educated people. 50.12% of adults in the area have earned a degree or doctorate. (The national average is only 21.84% of adults.) Kids attend Fairport Central School District. There are four elementary schools, two middle schools, one building for ninth graders, and one school for grades 10-12. Beginning in 5th grade, students have the option to go above and beyond in honors classes.

Based on the types of shops that are supported by area residents, it seems that the community as a whole strongly supports local businesses and artisans. Anyone with an urban mindset but the desire to live outside of a city would feel right at home in the village.

Canal Life

From barges to festivals

The Erie Canal is an integral part of life in Fairport. In the early 1800s, the canal was one of the main ways to transport goods, with what was once known as Perrinsville being a busy canal port. The story goes that in 1829, a traveler deemed the area to be a “fair port”. The name stuck.

The high volume of goods being shipped on the canal continued until the 1900s, when automobiles and trucks became popular. Eventually, the focus shifted from transportation to recreation.

Today, village life revolves around the canal once more, but as a source of entertainment. Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the summer see crowds gathered to enjoy live entertainment and music. Fairport has its own farmer’s market, open from May to Thanksgiving each year. Even the winter is filled with activity at the canal, as ice-skating and hockey games take place once the water freezes over.

The largest and most well known of the numerous festivals hosted in the village is Fairport Canal Days. Canal Days takes place in the first full weekend of June each year and draws artists and musicians from nearly a dozen states and Canada. Whatever type of music, art or food you like, you’re sure to find it along the canal.


What lies outside the village?

Many people who live in the town of Perinton say they live in Fairport, causing confusion for folks from out of town. That’s because most Perinton residents are part of the Fairport Central School District and have a Fairport mailing address. Perinton covers the 34.6 square miles surrounding the village, meaning it has a significant impact on what people think of when considering Fairport.

Perinton is a mix of suburban subdivisions, office complexes, and parks. It’s the kind of place where it’s easy to picture a family lifestyle complete with neighborhood cookouts and soccer fields full of kids. There’s a good chance you can find work close to home, giving you more time with your family. Residents have easy access to Rochester and Victor as well—great places for entertainment, shopping and dining.

Also parts of Perinton are the hamlets of Bushnell’s Basin and Egypt. Bushnell’s Basin is a sweet place to stop for a bite to eat if you decide to take a hike or bike ride along the canal. The hamlet of Egypt isn’t near water, but is home to Lollypop Farm—the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, which provides shelter for homeless and abused animals and programs to help pets in the community. You’re sure to visit both hamlets if you decide this is the place you’d like to call your own!