A place to live in and love

Entertainment, Shopping and Sights Make this a Great Community

The city of Canandaigua sits at the north end of Canandaigua Lake and has something to offer for everyone. Main Street is home to a plethora of small, local businesses, which draws visitors from all over. Local business owners come together to host events frequently. The monthly Wine Walk they host gives participants the chance to visit a number of shops along Main Street while sampling local wines. In addition to the variety in businesses, Canandaigua is a beautiful place to raise a family or retire. Summers offer boating and swimming at any of the public beaches along the lake, while the snowy hills of Bristol Mountain are perfect for downhill skiers and snowboarders alike.

For those thinking about starting a family, Canandaigua’s excellent school district gives students the chance to get involved with one of many arts or athletic programs. Many students graduate with college credits or training to go directly into a trade.

The landscape in and around Canandaigua gives nature lovers plenty of places to enjoy life. Rolling hills make for incredible views, but there’s plenty of farmland toward the north end of town for the more country-oriented. And, of course, any place with a view of (or access to) the lake is one to be treasured!

Local residents even have a top-notch hospital right in town. Thompson Hospital is affiliated with UR Medicine, with several UR Medicine doctors practicing in town and at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. This affiliation is a real bonus for the Finger Lakes Region, as cutting edge technology is available as a result.

Whether you’re interested in living by the lake, moving to a neighborhood, or spreading out in the countryside, there’s a place for you.

Canandaigua Lake: Year-Round Fun

There's always something going on.

Picturesque Canandaigua Lake doesn’t just look pretty – it provides drinking water, entertainment and has a rich history as well!

The lake is the sole source of drinking water for the town and city of Canandaigua. In fact, the drinking water is so good it was entered in a competition in 2013, held by the American Water Works Association, and was voted the best drinking water in New York State.

The lake also brings families and friends together all year long. In early spring, Onanda Park has been known to host Polar Plunge events for the tough-skinned adventurer. Runoff from the surrounding hills creates lovely creek beds and waterfalls for hiking. Warm weather means swimming and boating, and craft, music, and food festivals, like the annual Riesling Festival, adorn the shoreline every few weeks. Even in the frigid cold of winter, you’ll see dedicated fisherman setting up their ice huts.

History lovers won’t run out of interesting stories about the area either. 10,000-year-old Squaw Island has been in the news often over the last decade as locals fight to protect what’s left from erosion. Kids might enjoy Roseland Waterpark, but historians will love the stories and pictures of Roseland Park’s original location, nestled right on the shoreline near Kershaw. The park opened in 1925 and featured everything from a wooden rollercoaster to live circus acts. Taking a tour on the Canandaigua Lady is a perfect way to appreciate the sights and hear more about the rich history of the area.

Canandaigua has a Big Town, Small City Feel

Plenty of amenities, no skyscrapers.

Canandaigua has grown substantially over the last few decades, adding restaurants, stores and services for its residents. Despite the growth, the city has managed to retain all the charm and community of a smaller town.

There are several chain restaurants available to those looking for familiar names. There are also many, many options for any food lover to explore local restaurants – enough to try out a different place for dinner every night for nearly three months! From margaritas and Mexican cuisine at Rio Tomatlan to exquisite meals at Simply Crepes, there’s enough variety to keep the foodie in your family happy within 15 minutes of home.

Canandaigua is also home to enough local businesses that you can get everything from life insurance to a new car right here. You can shop at a number of well-known chain stores, but there is a strong emphasis on preserving local business as well. Most of the small businesses are huddled along Main Street and many have been serving the community for years. Our agents have lots of connections with local professionals from Canandaigua, and can make suggestions that point you to the right person or business, whatever the situation.

Between summer concerts at CMAC and indoor entertainment at Roseland Bowl, there’s always something to do. (Roseland Bowl also has laser tag and bumper cars…not your traditional bowling alley!) If you don’t know much about the area and want to learn more about the local culture, please don’t hesitate to ask!