What to expect in Bloomfield

Beautiful countryside and wonderful neighbors

When you hear “Bloomfield”, it’s a good idea to find out to where exactly someone is referring. They could be referring to two towns‑East and West Bloomfield‑or the village of Bloomfield.

East Bloomfield was first settled in 1789, and didn’t have an “East” designation at the time. It wasn’t until a second town was settled just west of Bloomfield in 1833, named West Bloomfield, that “East” became a necessary description.

Regardless of which town residents live in, they are some of a select group of people who get to use Boughton Hill Park, a stunning 330 acre park with two ponds, trails and wooded areas. Canoeing, kayaking and fishing are popular there as well. The towns of Victor, East Bloomfield and West Bloomfield own the park, and only their residents can get permits to use it. (Permits are free.)

The towns also share Bloomfield Central School District. Just over 1,000 students are enrolled in the district. Despite its smaller class size, the school is constantly making strides to give students more opportunities. For instance, they are the only high school in New York State to install and utilize a robotic CNC machine, which makes 3D parts, as part of their technology programs. They offer a variety of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes, and are currently applying to be recognized as an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme School.

East Bloomfield

Where it all began

Both East and West Bloomfield have an amazing, close-knit community. It’s the kind of place where you will actually get to know your neighbors and interact with them regularly. Many of the properties are rural, but people are friendly and it’s easy to get to know each other.

East Bloomfield is more commercially developed of the two towns, having a number of dining, shopping and hotel accommodations. Many of these local businesses are actually located within the village. The Bloomfield Buzz has a listing of available amenities for both towns, as well as a brochure for a walking tour of the historic district of the village.

If you’ve heard that food brings people together, it’s true! One of the most popular hang out spots is Shark’s Ice Cream. Their ice cream is delicious and homemade, and you can even suggest new flavors.

Avid bow hunters and archery enthusiasts have a spectacular shop in town that does everything from selling equipment to helping set it up. Bullzeye Archery even has a free outdoor range available year round for practicing and testing equipment.

In your spare time, you can poke around for dinosaurs in the backyard! A local resident actually found one of the largest mastodon skulls in New York in 1994. Although you may not stumble upon dinosaur bones, it’s not uncommon to find fossils in the area.

West Bloomfield

Spreading out

West Bloomfield was settled gradually as people begin to move further away from the original town, until it was finally declared a separate entity in 1833. The town had churches and a school – all it really needed to be independent!

Today, the town is still mostly farmland, giving people a chance to spread out and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Upstate New York. There are a few ranches as well, including Wild Side Ranch, which raises buffalo and trains horses.

Antique lovers will delight in the “Bloomfield Antique Mile”, a series of shops along Route 5 & 20 that stretches from East to West Bloomfield. The shops sell all sorts of odds and ends, from true antiques to re-imagined items.

Full of wide-open spaces and rolling hills, this town is great for anyone who loves a peaceful country lifestyle.